BIIMO is an anonymous street artist and activist who uses various mediums to make social statements and protests. Known for his provocative installations, BIIMO’s works transform urban landscapes into sensitive narratives that address various social and political issues.

From street art installations to digital sculptures and NFTs, BIIMO is known for its multidisciplinary approach. BIIMO’s works also explore the intersection of art and the digital world.

One of BIIMO’s notable projects is “Puppet House, 2021,” an installation on the Parliament building of Georgia. In 2021, demonstrators demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, who, through his statements against LGBTQ+ individuals, incited radical groups to violence against peaceful citizens. As a result, 53 journalists were injured, and one tragically died. With this installation, BIIMO once again highlighted the repressive policies of the state towards LGBTQ+ people and the puppet-like, conformist, and selective attitude of parliament members towards human rights violations.

Another significant work by BIIMO is “ДЕТИ” (“Children”), which was created in collaboration with artist Levan Amashukeli and placed on the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The AR installation was dedicated to the memory of those killed in the airstrike on the Mariupol Drama Theater by Russian occupation forces on March 16, 2022.