Digital Street Art

In my view, all artistic movements need to evolve and find new ways to communicate with audience.

The idea first came to me in 2007-2008 when new and interesting experiments in technology and art were becoming more accessible. At that time, I discovered audio visual projects and software like Pure Data. After cycling74 and vvvv.

During these experiments, I realized that it was possible to create interactive installations using objects and sculptures on the street. Finally, the arrival of AR (augmented reality), which followed the development of mobile phones and OS, decided to create a name for my idea: Digital Street Art, which could combine technology and street art.

I believe it’s important to explore the possibilities of powerful communicative and interactive art in the streets.

Event types:
*Day Event: AR Works during the day;
*Night Event: AR Works during the night;
*24/7 Event: AR Works Day & Night.