Indtorducing my Crypto Art project called NFT PILLS

Curated by Street Gallery

The collection is inspired by famous and momentous events, stories, as well as emotions that were dear to us and had an impact, but we have forgotten somehow. Artworks dedicated to freedom, equality, observers, digitalized memories, and time, the most valuable gift.

NFT PILLS includes unique physical sculpture art gifts and digital art poster files. The project aims to provide financial support to young artists and the creation of a physical gallery, where exhibitions and master classes will be organized.


The concept:

Nowaday, people have become transmitters of enormous amounts of data and they often overlook real, exciting events that affect their mood, behavior and world in general. The processes are speeded up so intensely that we don’t even remember our emotions, and when we are left alone after an exhausting working day, the only way to turn off the mind from fatigue is to melt into a comfort zone. There are many stories and legends that I want to slowly convey to people through my NFT PILLS.

First NFT PILL – BIIMO’s Head

it is icon of the project and my avatar

NFT PILLS – Exhibition History


  1. Theatre 42
  2. Paris
  3. Vienna;
  4. Berlin;
  5. Digital Arts Museum – Street Gallery;
  6. EZO, Tbilisi;
  7. Batumi Streets;
  8. Fabrika, Tbilisi;


  1. Augmented Reality exhibition – New York, Times square, Oct 1, 2021;
  2. NFT CRACKER event – LONDON by Ethereal Collective & NFTUK. Dec 8, 2021;
  3. TBILISI METRO FEST – Tbilisi, Metro station: Freedom Square, Dec 06 – 08, 2021;
  4. Contemporary Art Space – Batumi, Nov 19 – 25, 2021;
  5. SXSW 2022 – Metaverse Gallery, Mar 14 – 18, 2022.



  1. Drop 4.0 TBA;


  1. HELLO WORLD! | Mint on (SOLD OUT);
  2. Drop NFT PILLS on (SOLD OUT);
  3. AR exhibition in New York, Manhattan, Father Duffy square (Organized);
  4. Exhibition at Contemporary Art Space, Batumi (Organized);
  5. Build digital museum “ROOMS“ with Street Gallery (Created);
  6. Create physical 1/1 edition NFT PILLS Sculptures (Created);
  7. Drop 3.0 on – August 2023 (Minted 92 editions);

Utility: NFT PILLS includes physical sculptures, art prints, airdrops, AR and gifts.

NFT + Physical Sculpture: ABSOLUTION

The main element of this work is handmade sculpture. It was scanned at Tech lab and generated NFT.