On June 23-24, EU leaders meeting was held in Brussels to discuss EU membership applications from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and perspectives of wider Eupore.

During the summit, anonymous artist BIIMO organized performance in front of the European Parliament Building to demand an affirmative decision from EU leaders on granting EU candidacy status to the above-mentioned three countries.

The purpose of this activism was also to convey and remind the EU leaders that these three countries have paid a great price and worked hard to become members of the European family.

Since 1992, all three countries have been occupied by Russia and EU support during this time was vital. On that day, EU leaders made a decision to grant candidacy status to only Ukraine and Moldova, while Georgia was told to remain on the waiting list for EU accession. Georgia’s refusal to be granted candidate status means that its challenge will become even more difficult, and it will be left almost alone with the threats emanating from its northern neighbor. Obviously the context was and is clear to relevant leaders.

A Red Balloon was the main character of the performance. Symbol of a long-awaited dream, a joy of children and their families; A hope for peaceful living, while the keyword and main message of the performance was to stop feeding the beast #stopfeedingthebeast – Russia’s authoritarian regime.

The artist himself was dressed in a long black robe with the main message of the performance #stopfeedingthebeast written on the back. During the performance he was holding a big red balloon in his hand. The design and style of the robe was specially sewn for this day and is a unique unit.

In addition to live performance, an AR installation, a sculpture of Red Balloon was placed on Robert Schuman Square, on the Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission.

Via following the link, everyone who is in Brussels near the mentioned above address can view AR Installation – a Red Balloon with the words #stopfeedingthebeast